Artist in Time: A Generation of Great British Creatives

Chris Fite-Wassilak


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Publisher: Bloomsbury
Serial Number:9781789940350
Format: Paperback / softback
Pages: 144 pages
Size: 235 x 259 mm
Date: 2020


An inspiring and intimate look at the work of a generation of British artists across all disciplines.

The Artist in Time brings together twenty creatives from across the UK, with photographs and interviews that disclose their daily working habits and motivations.

All born before 1950, this is a collective portrait of a generation who have shaped our artistic landscape. They provide a range of different answers to the question ‘what makes an artist?’, and a set of insights into what makes up a creative life. Giving you access to the studio and working spaces of a diverse group of painters, poets, choreographers, filmmakers, illustrators, musicians, photographers, sculptors, writers and creators, The Artist in Time is a handbook for creativity and inspiration, made up of artists from all backgrounds who have all in their own way shaped, and continue to shape, the creative landscape of the United Kingdom.